Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Reply to a letter of complaint

NPM : 10207985
Kelas : 4EA12
Reply to a letter of complaint

Dear Mr. Subhrata
Machine Engine 7530
Firstly, we would like to apologise sincerely for the delay in replying to your letter of mei 26th. This was due to the technical inspection which was necessary before we could give you a satisfactory answer.
As soon as we learnt of the problem with the vehicle, we arranged for it to be collected by the main agent for dublin and asked then for a detailed report. They found that the offside rear wheel-bearing had gone, and due to the Machine Engine having been warehouse in this condition, the differential gear was badly worn and needed replacing. The total cost of this was $245. If you had taken the Machine Engine off the place at the first sign of trouble, it would only have cost us $290. Therefore, the fact that you continued to warehouse the Iron has cost us an additional $275. In te normal way, we would have been obliged to debit you with this excess repair bill. However, in view of the inconvenience you suffered, we are prepared to waive our claim on you.
We sympathise with you and deeply regret the difficulties you experienced. However, we regret that in no way can be held responsible for any cost you incurred. We would ask you to refer clause 27 of the hire agreement. We hope that now you know the full facts of the case you will withdraw your claim and accept our solution.
Yours sincerly,

Nawi Nizmullah Hasbi

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