Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Letter of complaint

NPM : 10207985
Kelas : 4EA12
Letter of complaint

Dear Sirs,
Machine Engine 7530 – Mei 18th – 23th
I am writing to complaint about the Machine Engine I hired from you on the above dates. When I left your Machine Engine at Labuhan, there was no one at the depot so. I could not explain the events of the previous Five days.
On Sunday 18th Mei, I collected a Machine Engine from your depot at the Labuhan. A few hours later, the Machine Engine overheated and had to be replaced. The next day, the transmission became very noisy. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact you, I had to ask a local garage to inspect it. I enclose the garage’s invoice for $180.
On the Wednesday, I telephoned you and was asked to take the Mesin to your agent in crok. The Machine Engine was checked and I was assured that it was roadworthy. However, the next day the Machine Engine pulled violently to the right, narrowly missing a stone wall. I could not see anything wrong so I continued carefully to garage in Limerick. I telephoned your office for advice, but all i could get was the answer-phone. I left details, asking you to phone me back.
Having headr nothing by 1 p.m, I asked the garage to repair the Machine Engine so that I could get back to dublin. They did so, I enclose the garage bill $170.
I returned the Machine Engine as arranged on Friday at 2 p.m. but your office was already closed and I saw no one.
I am sure you will appreciate the annoyance and frustration of the past week during which I know I have lost substantial busisness. I look forward to receiving your comments and to receiving your cheque for $189 in settlement for the two repair bills.

Yours faithfully,

Zaenal Subhrata

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