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Real estate business is a business that began ogled by many people, previously occupied only by a few people, many books, seminars, workshops that discuss how your way of starting a business property. I have learned a few ebooks and books on how to start real estate business without capital, was once a simple way, this time I will explain briefly.

In the real estate business without any capital to start a lot of roles that we can take them as a broker, as the owner of the property itself or as a property developer.

On this occasion I will explain how to start a business without capital as a property developer. Do the following:

1. Looking for land or land

Can use their own land, the land of the old, owned by relatives, friends or property belonging to others, if not the property itself we need to convince the owner of the land, how to convince the owner of the land? certainly by showing that we know exactly and control what we will do and we explain how the system of cooperation and how many potential advantages.

2. Create drawings and design Anggara Cost

3. Capital Looking To build house

If we've managed to convince the landowner next stage is to seek capital to build houses. Capital may be obtained by finding the home buyers who will we wake up and ask DP if he bought the house cash so we can build houses already started, of course, equipped with a letter of agreement selanjutnyaa how payment, if he purchased using a bank / mortgage after to DP we also directly asked Multipurpose mortgage on behalf of the buyer because it is used to build houses, do not begin before the construction before it is clear that credit is approved in anticipation of the construction of homes do not get neglected. Capital development can also be achieved by way of proposed construction loans on behalf of us or our company name.

4. If we use a construction loan to build it before we need to be behind a name certificate on our behalf, to convince the owner of the land, then fill with the agreement. Be careful when using this technique, taking into account the loan obtained to build enough houses to finish or make sure there are no funds to pay monthly installments for property not yet completed or as long as the property is not sold, make sure the agreement is sounded that before the house sold then there is our percentage of ownership land and houses in accordance with the percentage of our funds that have been entered into the construction of houses.

5. At this stage we lived campaign to find a buyer.

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Japanese Cuisine? Who does not know. Various Japanese Food menu is dikenalunik and have a distinctive flavor for those who enjoy it. But unfortunately, to enjoy this dish we sometimes had to spend in deeply. Since Japanese cuisine commonly served in restaurants and hotels.

But lately, Japanese Food can also be enjoyed on foot five tents. Of course with a more affordable price. Tent in the street that offers a menu of country Sakura is now easily found on the roadside. One of them is Qudama Suyudi Japanese Food on the Road, not far from junction Jalan-Jalan Gajah Mada Suyudi.

This simple eating place offers a menu of Japanese food like that served at the restaurant. Indeed, variations on the restaurant menu is not complete. However, such mandatory menu Mechi Yaki (fried rice), Beef Teriyaki, Yakiniku Beef, Beef Katsu, Tempura shrimp, Yasai Itamek, and Salad can be sampled here.

Rudi, managers as well as chef Qudama said, though packaged in a foot-five, but he ensures the quality and taste masakanya not lose to restaurants and hotels. That's because he also uses materials such as those used in Japanese restaurants. "We use a standard like a Japanese restaurant. The menu is the same, "he said.

Such materials include Kikkoman sauces, mayonnaise, Happy Salad Oil, and Korea for the tempura flour. The concept of pavement due to the limited use of capital. "If you open a big restaurant, we have to think about paying employees, taxes, and so forth. With foot-five, we can suppress the selling price so that more affordable for buyers, "says this man.

Taste the delicious cuisine at least visible from the arrival of visitors who seemed to never end each night. To be liked, he admitted there are some dishes that taste and way of processing adapted to the tongue of Indonesia.

For example the original salty teriyaki sauce was slightly sweet taste. Or Japanese cuisine usually served medium rare or even raw, deliberately cultivated for more mature consumers can receive the tongue. "Average is the real Japanese cuisine is served medium rare, but if it made such a buyer is not necessarily like it," he said.

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Blue Roses Business

Famous for its beauty roses crown shape, color is also fragrant smell. Roses have a privilege as a symbol of expressing our feelings towards others.

The color of roses is very diverse, there is a red, white, yellow or a mixture of various colors. Now there are blue roses are becoming known around the world.

Origin Blue Roses

It turned blue roses is not the type of roses that grow naturally. Blue roses is the result of genetic engineering is done by a company in Japan. This effort made to meet the market demand will be the new color of roses and other than normal.

In making this blue roses require a long time. Cooperation from the Japanese geneticist who helped plant several experts from researchers in Australia finally managed to make this blue roses.
Blue roses derived from genetic process, which took a gene called delphinidin gene. This gene is a gene carrier nature of the blue. This gene is taken from a variety of petunias flower color and very beautiful.

Delphinidin gene later in genetically engineered into the red roses. Finally, with the reduction of the color gene, there was a change in color from red roses to blue roses. Incredible.

Blue Roses Meaning

Blue rose symbolizes a symbol. If you want to give it to someone else, this blue roses express feelings that we want but we can not reach / achieve. Blue rose more memorable something that we can not express or say.

Roses in general is a flower that symbolizes one's heartstrings. Whether the color is red, white or blue, can express our feelings towards others.

Since time immemorial, roses have always adored and sought after. Now, with crossing and rekaya genetic engineering, humans can create different colors of roses and more attractive again.

Takes a series of blue roses as decoration in the house or hand baquet very interesting. But unfortunately, blue roses are still limited and price is very expensive. If you are interested want to see it in person, you can find it in the flower show is held every year in Chiba, Japan.

Bisnis 4


If you want to explore the world of business, but do not have much spare time to take care, boarding-lodging business can be your choice. This business is fairly easy compared to other business. You do not have frequent meetings, no must be busy building relationships and other things like the common practice of employers. You alone can live it while at work or undergo other activities. Provision of business and even then can keep flowing.

That is now experienced by Abdurrahman or usually called Aab (27), owner of five boarding houses located in South Jakarta. Although the middle of doing so, Aab live it while working as a sales in a private company. "This business is not much time, energy and mind. That sebabanya, can be done while at work or undergo other activities, "explained Aab.

Aab undergo this business since 2000. However, the establishment of boarding houses are different from boarding houses in general. He targeted segments and expatriate professionals working in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Class facilities and service apartments and even hotels. "We call it an exclusive boarding house, because the facilities and services tailored to the needs of upper middle class of which are very concerned that their privacy," Aab said.

Previous Aab had melakoni home rental business in the same segment. Only, halted because of the economic crisis in 1998.

When a stranger crisis many are returning home, because the company they work for many who went bankrupt. Especially since there is the issue of terrorism. More strangers who go due to travel warning, "said Aab.

In the current economic conditions stabilized and began to improve security conditions, where the foreigners began to come back, Aab switch to this business. "Usually they live in a rented house or apartment with a very expensive cost. This exclusive boarding house we have to offer as an alternative to their occupancy. The facilities and service we up grade according to their needs but the rates we offer much cheaper, "explained Aab.

Three buildings exclusive boarding house that he built, each one has 21 spacious rooms with each 5 x 5 m2 and 4 x 5 m2. In practice, an exclusive boarding house for rent Aab very attractive. Up to now an average of 80% of them filled. "Shelters like this quite popular. If the rental houses and apartments are often considered to be disproportionate and likely exaggerated, "he added.

For his first exclusive boarding house, was established in the area of Kemang, South Jakarta. For Aab construction spending of about USD 2 billion. Now the exclusive boarding house has been breed into five, the second location is located in Kemang, the third location in Ciganjur, the rest are in East Cilandak.

"Our business is highly prospective, as more and more perminatnya. In addition, expatriates and professionals among the top officials from government agencies began to use them often when he joined the training nor the time to follow other events, "said Aab.

According Aab, duration of residence varied, not exceeding two years. "The longest, usually foreigners who work as experts, the time is approximately one to two years. If a tourist or short usually from out of town employees who were on duty in Jakarta, "Aab said.

Aab explained, for this exclusive boarding house, the environment should be comfortable, safe and quiet. Three things that should really be observed. "Despite the cheap rates they would not choose it for granted. Environment will be studied. If it does not fit, they will be reluctant to stay here, "Aab said.

Regarding the comfort of his environment, the design and spatial exclusive boarding houses must be properly addressed, ranging from front page to the section in his office. "To be sure, to shape and spatial structure, must match the tastes and needs of its market," added Aab.

Aab own exclusive boarding houses built using modern building concepts. On the front features a large yard, accompanied by a beautiful garden. Not to forget, also provided ample parking for its residents. "Here there is a green park, so the environment becomes cool. In addition, a special parking area is provided, so as not to trouble when parking the vehicle, "said Aab.

On the inside, complemented the main hall, meeting rooms, fitness center, small kitchen (pantry) following a swimming pool built on the back. Fasulitas standard dorm room, normally has a single door refrigerator, cable TV subscription following television, telephone, internet connection, water dispensers and bathroom water heater.

Rental rate:
Daily: Rp 250.000-Rp 300.000
Weekly: Rp 1.000.000 - Rp 1.500.000
Monthly: Rp 3.000.000 - Rp 5.000.000

Bisnis 5


I want to open a restaurant, but still in doubt. Please help for the things below:

1. Preparation needs to be done?

2. Consultants lay-out?

3. Consultant on food?

4. Selection of an appropriate name?


Preparation of the first to start any business, including home meal is prepared mentally to face the challenges of fear and doubt will fail. After this pertmama step, now comes to the operation of your business plan. Technical issues concerning the ins and outs of work needs to be prepared carefully. Starting from the counting ability, skills possessed concerning the employment field, to the restaurant business should at least understand the cuisine. Can a good cook, even better cooking expert. However, to become a restaurant entrepreneur does not have to be an expert cook first, but the most important thing is being able to manage it, experts who can cook can be hired.

Other preparations, is the availability of infrastructure and facilities. Understanding availability does not mean that should be hers, but can be obtained from borrow or rent in advance, unless sufficient funds are available which deliberately invested into your business for the long term.

Infrastructures are the things that ease the physical and non physical that supports the operation of the means or tools. While the facilities are the tools to perform certain activities. In the restaurant business, which includes the infrastructure is a strategic place, experts (the cook), venture capital, and business licenses, while tables and chairs, tableware, cookware, and so is the means.

Here are some tips to start a restaurant business that you can run:

1. Open up this business a strategic place, many people passing, lane highway, quite a lot of vehicles. The place does not need too big first, adjust your tolerance with a capital and business risk. Regarding design and interior lay-out house eating of course should be able to highlight the characteristics of your restaurant. You can consult directly with an expert, but you should also have their own ideas before consulting with experts.

2. Restaurant business is also very sensitive to the taste, because it is very important there are carpenters cuisine truly experts in their field. Sell the best cuisine and high quality. Do not try to open a restaurant if there is no great chefs cooking. You should do some time trials on whether or not tasty dishes that will be sold with the involvement of some people as "consumers". After they all declared bad, you just may open it.

3. You should also take care of their business licenses. Can a business license from the RT / RW or local security. But in principle, what I meant was incorporated by notarial deed. It is very necessary if your business on the side of the highway and involves several workers. No need to set up PT or CV, for example, simply in the status of UD (Business Trade) private property, that you are authorized by a notary.

Then the other permissions such as TIN. But do not get a business license is actually hinder your intention to establish a business. After all, could gradually: RT permission first, as you go along, more and more crowded makain business demand, the more equipped business license.

4. Regarding the selection of names, should not only recognizable, but also familiar and appropriate. The name is also not too long and should be easy to remember. Please note as well to not underestimate the common name with another restaurant. Because could lead to disputes. Perhatikannlah brands that already exist, then make a different.

Congratulations open restaurant business.

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