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seminar dan workshop

"energy economy : the role of oil & gas in development

today tuesday, february 23, 2010 has been going on lecturing II senior event held at the auditorium soeria atmadja faculty of economics, university of indonesia, kampus UI Depok. senior speakers at this time is professor lecturing DR. Soebroto. He gave a lecture titled " energy economy: the role of oil and gas development."

senior lecturing first opened by the dean of the faculty of economics, university of indonesia, firmanzah, Ph.D., In his lecture prof. Dr. Soebroto explain, among others, regarding the picture of global energy and national energy. He said in 2030, 30% of the world's energy needs must be met by crude oil and 80% by fossil energy(fossil fuel), so that the energy problem faced in tne 21st century is the globalization of demand, climate change, and technology.


Kabar Indonesia, Bandung-supported by PT INTI (PT. Indonesia Telecommunications Industry (persero), Klari TI (Indonesian Telematics Industry Cluster), RICE (Regional IT Center of Exellenxe) in bandung , Indonesia OpenSUSE, klub Linux bandung, indonesia ubuntu and IGOSCenter, Community of Indonesia , held a workshop ruby ruby on rails fundamentals.

located in building technology centre of PT INTI (persero) jl Moh. Toha 77 bandung ruby on rails training workshop fundamentals is directly guided by arie kusuma atmaja act as mentors. at least 50 participants attended both of the internal PT INTI alone or in the ruby community and students.

according to PH widoyo bandung RoR events committee chariman, at batasinya number of participants to 50 people, is for more focused workshop. while some participants coomented on the success of the workshop mengacungi thumb that can meet the target.

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